Maths week has taken place this week at school. Hurricane Ophelia shortened it but more activities are planned for next week.

The students enjoyed their maths trails. Some classes combined to do these. Students used the outside space to discover shape, area, perimeter and number work.

ms farrellMaths Art in Ms O Mahony'sms o mahony 1

ms kiernanChildren in Ms Farrell's made up ten problems from al the maths strands and worked with their partner on a mats trail.

ms farrell maths

Others were learning about number.

mrs kennedy 3            mrs k         

Some learned about symmetry.

ms kiernan symmetry     

There are many different ways to measure. Some are exact and others are an estimation. Students in senior infants used socks to measure their heights.

mrs kennedy 2Mr Caffrey's and Mrs kenndey's classes working collaboratively on their maths trails.mr caffrey mrs kennedyMr Hall's enjoying maths.mr hall 2

A great week well done everyone! Thank you to Mrs Callaghan for co-ordinating the week.

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