This year as part of our Discover Science and Maths Award programme Ms McKiernan organised that the pupils would take part in a STEM project. STEM stands for science, engineering,maths and technology. Groups worked together and their projects were fabulous. They ranged from making the perfect Koala Bear house to making the best ramp for marble racing. There were boats that sailed, a fuzz ball table, volcanoes, pupils were dropping eggs from a height without breaking them, spinners to show colours when spun turn white, there were delicious cookies and banana bread, the ideas were flowing ! Infants explored chemical reactions , birds' nest were made, catapaults were designed by 6th class , materials and structures were explored to create the strongest structure to hold lollipop sticks, it was a great learning experience.science exhbition 2019 2

science exhibition 2019

science exhibition 2019 4

Congratulations to everyone.

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