The pupils took part in a variety of maths activities both inside and outside the classroom during maths week. 5th class designed a cover for a maths book.maths week 2020

4th class enjoying some maths games.maths week 4th class enjoying maths games

Maths can be enjoyed outside and inside. 6th class took part in maths trails and measurement was an important part of what they learned.

outdoor maths 6th class measurement maths weekMaths concepts can be presented in a variety of way:

1) using technology

using technology and graphs to present covid case facts2) using art to show patterns . Kandinsky was a famous artist who used patterns and shapes in his art work.

maths art 2nd class

Maths can be presented in different ways. Here is a sample of maths being a puzzle to find more out about you! Design one for your friend.

maths week 2020 6th class

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