Science Week 2015

Well done to all the teachers and pupils of Balrothery NS for a great Science Week and a very enjoyable and educational science exhibition.

Ms Hannon's showed us their experiment on floating and sinking.

ms hannon


ms farrell air


Ms Farrell's class told us how plants drink.

sounds waves 2015

Sound travels in waves.



Parents enjoyed the experience.

parents science 2015 1

Lava lamps made by Ms Andrews’ class were very popular.  This experiment showed how water and oil do not mix.

lava lamps 2015

Well done to everyone, a most enjoyable day!

we love science 2015

Budding Artists in Balrothery

Children were asked to draw a picture of what Balbriggan means to them. They drew a variety of pictures from buildings they like to drawings of the beach. These children received prizes from Balbriggan Enterprise . Well done.

art competition

Marathon runners 2015

Mr Callaghan inspired the children in 6th class to run the last mile of the Dublin marathon. It was a wonderful experience. The children were coached by Mr Callaghan and Fingal Sports Council. Their fitness level certainly improved.

Mr Callaghan ran the 26 miles of the marathon then ran back to meet us and then ran a further mile with the children. That's dedication!

marathon 2015

Report Writing 2015

Report writing :

Each class teacher has been teaching the children how to write a report. Areport must answer the following questions:

Who, what, where, when and why. A report uses descriptive language and is factual. Here are some samples. The children will read their report at the next assembly.

report 1report 2IMG 20151021 104104007 HDR


Halloween 2015

As usual the children in Balrothery and their parents!! showed off their creative side on Friday the 23rd of October. They made a great effort with lots of great homemade outfits. 

Thank you for donating money to the Carers Association of Ireland. €262 donated. The children danced wonderfully in their costumes.

dress updress up 1dress up 2dress up 3dress up 4

Class Blog

Check out what Ms. Andrews' class are up to by following their class blog: