greenflagThe pupils and staff of St. Oliver Plunkett’s were extremely proud to receive their fourth Green Flag at a recent Awards Ceremony in Croke Park. The school received the flag for exploring the theme of Travel in relation to the environment. Preparation for obtaining this flag began early in the school year 2009-2010 and the school was awarded the flag on the 11th March 2011. A Travel Green School’s Committee was set up in the school with representatives from 3rd-6th Class. The children, with the aid of the staff and a representative from An Taisce, brainstormed and came up with lots of exciting new ideas to implement in the school. Our main aim was to make everyone aware of the environmentally friendly methods of travelling – walking, cycling, bus, parking + striding and carpooling. Our huge target was to tackle the amount of cars coming to the school every day. As some of the children live quite a substantial distance from the school, practical allowances had to be made for this. The park + stride option was a brilliant idea to get these students and parents out of their cars for at least a percentage of their journey. Some of the other activities and initiatives that we’ve set up in the school include: WOW (Walk on Wednesday) and COW (Cycle on Wednesday) Days, a brand new bike shed to keep our bikes safe and dry, a visit from a local ‘bike-doctor’, travel-themed workshops from an Taisce, Cycling Training in the School Yard, a Green Schools Rap/Art Competition and much much more.
Both pupils and staff were very excited and enthusiastic about undertaking the Travel theme and it was it was all hands on deck in achieving it!
There will be a special flag-raising ceremony later in the school year to mark the momentous occasion. Congratulations everyone and keep up the hard work!
Miss Mc Hale

Our trip to Croke Park! (by Lauren Murphy 6th Class)
On Friday the 11th of March Miss Mc Hale, Lauren Murphy and Moses Lubanzadio attended the Green Schools Award ceremony in Croke Park to bring back the schools fourth flag - the travel flag.
That morning the three of us set off on our journey to Croke Park. We got there perfectly on time and got the lift up to the Conference Centre. There were 18 other schools there, one teacher and two pupils representing each school. There were only five other schools receiving the travel flag and one school receiving their fifth green flag.
The ceremony went on for about forty five minutes. One by one the schools would be called up to get their photo taken and receive their flag and certificate. After all the schools had received their flag (including us) we were taken to a canteen and we could pick what food we would like. There was a different menu for the children and for the adults. Moses and I had spaghetti Bolognese and Miss Mc Hale had chicken curry. They were delicious and it gets better. We even got desert. Moses and I had like a toffee cake with a strawberry on top and Miss Mc Hale had a chocolate Swiss roll. It was delicious. We sat down and ate are meal with the other schools receiving their flags. We ate while we chatted.
It was a great trip to Croke Park and the next big thing is the award ceremony. I wonder what famous person we will have to help us put it up!

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