On the 4 Feb Rob Ross and Aoife the director of ICE came to our class because we were runners up in a competition. They were half an hour late. I was so nervous as I thought they might not be coming. When they walked through the classroom door everybody was speechless. While we ate our lunch, Rob and Aoife went outside the room to record the introduction. When they

came back, they arranged us all into a semi circle and told us to pretend that we were reading our library books. Rob then went outside the classroom and crept back in very quietly. Aoife was filming at this stage and I know I was so afraid that I would look up from my book and give it away. Then he shouted ‘Hi guys. It’s Rob Ross from ICE here’ and we all stared at him with a look of pretend shock on our faces. Then he told us that the winning song from the week was JLS and we all threw our books in the air and cheered. After that we all danced to the JLS song and Kelly and I got to dance in front of the camera on our own. It was so much fun. When we were saying goodbye into the camera some of us were kneeling down and others were sitting around Rob. We had to pretend that we were on a sinking ship and we all fell down. The worst part of the day was when they had to go, but we got Rob and Aoife’s autographs. Rob wrote that my dancing defies gravity. I was so delighted. It was the best experience of my life and I will always remember it.
Lauren Murphy

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