Safety Statement

Statement on General Policy

The Board of Management of St. Oliver Plunkett N.S. recognises the importance of the Legislation enacted in the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act, 1989.

This Safety Statement sets out the Safety Policy of the Board of management of St. Oliver Plunkett N.S. and sets out the means to achieve that policy. The Board of Management's objective is to endeavour to provide a safe and healthy work environment for all our employees and pupils and to meet our duties to members of the public with whom we come in to contact.

This policy requires the co-operation of all employees.

It is our intention to undertake regular reviews of the statement in light of experience, changes in legal requirements and operational changes.

The Board of Management will undertake to carry out a safety audit annually and report to staff. This inspection/safety audit will be carried out more frequently if requested by either staff or the Board of Management.

All records of accidents or ill-health will be monitored in order to ensure that any safety measures required can be put in place, wherever possible, to minimise the recurrence of such accidents and ill-health.



Chairperson Board of Management

Policy Statement on Safety, Health and Welfare at Work of the Board of Management of ________________ N.S.


The members of the Board of Management of ________________ N.S. are;




Other Board Members ___________________________________



1.2 The Board of Management will ensure that, in so far as is practicable, the highest standards of safety shall prevail and that, at a minimum, the provisions of the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act, 1989 are applied.

1.3 Specifically, the Board of Management wishes to ensure so far as is reasonably practicable;

(a) the design, provision and maintenance of all places in a condition that is safe and without risk to health.

(b) the design, provision and maintenance of safe means of access to and egress from places of work.

(c) the design, provision and maintenance of plant and machinery.

(d) the provision of systems of work that are planned , organised, performed and maintained so as to be safe and without risk to health.

(e) the provision of instruction to staff on proper lifting techniques of pupils and dealing with pupil challenging behaviour.

(h) the preparation and revision as necessary of adequate plans to be followed in emergencies. e.g. fire drill, injuries etc.

(i) the safety and prevention of risk to health at work in connection with use of any article or substance.

(j) the provision and maintenance of facilities and arrangements for the welfare of employees at work.

(k) obtaining where necessary the services of a competent person for the purpose of ensuring the safety and health at work of its employees.

(l) the continuing updating of the Safety Statement.

(m) the provision of arrangements for consultation with employees on matters of Health and Safety.

(n) the provision of arrangements for the selection from amongst its employees of a representative.

1.4 The Board of Management recognises that its statutory obligations under legislation extends to employees, students, any person legitimately conducting school business and the public.

1.5 The Board of Management of St. Oliver Plunkett N.S. will ensure that the provisions of the Safety Health and Welfare at Work Act, 1989 are adhered to.

Duties of Employees

1. It is the duty of every employee while at work;

(a) to take reasonable care for his or her own safety, health and welfare and that of any person who may be affected by his/her acts or omissions while at work,

(b) to co-operate with his/her employer and any other person to such extent as will enable his/her employer or the other person to comply with any of the relevant statutory provisions,

(c) to use in such manner so as to provide the protection intended, any suitable appliance, protective clothing, convenience, equipment or anything provided (whether for his/her use alone or for use by him/her in common with others) for securing his/ her safety, health or welfare while at work.

(d) to report to the Board of Management without unreasonable delay, any defects in plant, equipment, place of work, or system of work which might endanger safety, health or welfare, of which he/she becomes aware.

2. No person will intentionally or recklessly interfere with or misuse any appliance , protective clothing, convenience, equipment or anything provided in pursuance of any of the relevant statutory provisions or otherwise, for securing safety, health or welfare of persons arising out of work activities.

3. Employees will, by using available facilities and equipment provided, ensure that work practices are performed in the safest manner possible.

Consultation & Information

It is the policy of the Board of Management of St. Oliver Plunkett National School;

-to consult with staff in the preparation and completion of the Health and Safety Statement and of Hazard Control forms

-to give a copy of the statement to all present and future staff

-that any additional information or instructions regarding Health, Safety and Welfare at work not contained in the document will be conveyed to all staff as it becomes available


All staff and the Board of Management will complete Hazard Control Forms. Some hazards can be rectified but others remain constant. The hazards have been divided into two categories.

Hazards that can be rectified or minimised will be dealt with as a matter of urgency. Those that cannot will be clearly indicated and appropriate procedure listed beside them.

The Board of Management in consultation with employees will review and make recommendations on the elimination of hazards.

Specific Hazards

1. Fire

It is the policy of the Board of Management of St. Oliver Plunkett’s National School that;

* there is an adequate supply of fire extinguishers which will deal with any type of fire,

* all fire equipment is identified and regularly serviced,

* regular fire drills take place

* instruction is given in the use of Fire Extinguishers.

* fire alarms are clearly marked.

* exit signs are clearly marked

* emergency exits & lighting are regularly checked

* emergency exits in the hall are checked before every function by the organisers

* an assembly area is designated outside the school building

* children leaving school early must let their teacher know

2. Other Hazards

It is the policy of the Board of Management of St. Oliver Plunkett National School that;

* children are not allowed outside school walls without teachers permission

* fire escapes are recognised as necessary hazards and are out of bounds except in emergencies

* running in classrooms/ corridors is recognised as a hazard and is not allowed

* running around corners is recognised as a hazard and is not allowed.

* proper technique / care shall be used when moving equipment

* glass bottles are recognised as a hazard and are not permitted in the school

* the sports hall floor will not be made slippy and only non-slip polish will be used on it

* chemicals, detergents etc. will be stored in clearly identifiable containers and will be kept out of reach of children

* parents are encouraged to exercise due care when dropping off and collecting children and to use the ballcourt as a carpark especially in bad weather

* a first aid box be kept on the premises and it's contents regularly checked

* emergency phone numbers be posted by the telephone

3. Code of Discipline

The code of discipline in the school provides for a level of behaviour to minimise personal risk or stress to any employee

4. Visitors

Persons coming onto the school premises must identify themselves to the principal. Contractors working on the premises must wear appropriate protective clothing. Works which are deemed hazardous to children will not be undertaken during school hours.


All employees will be issued with an inspection checklist to regularly review the safety standards on the premises.

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