Officially named Scoil Oilibheir Beaunaithe in 1949 when the new school building was erected. School records go back to 1865. In 1842 when the parish church was built in Balbriggan the school occupied the old church which had been built in 1722 in penal times in a very secluded spot well off - the beaten track.
It was a one room building with a partition cutting off about one third of the space where the seniors fifth and sixth classes did their school work with the Principal. The remaining two - thirds had desks in one third and forms in the other - the two classes alternated their seating to enable them to write at the desks and do oral work when sitting on the forms. In 1949 a new three - roomed school was built on a new site, fronting the then main Dublin - Belfast road.
Mr. Madden

The school acquired a very good reputation under the Principalship of Joe Madden, whose pupils excelled in the competition for County Council Scholarship, much sought after as Post Primary education was not free in the fifties and early sixties. In 1951, the school achieved five scholarships, a remarkable achievement in a class of eight pupils and a school of less than 100 pupils.



When Mr. Madden retired in 1975, the role of Principal of Balrothery National School was taken on by Stephanie O'Connor. Stephanie had been a teacher in the school at the time, having already dedicated almost fifteen years of her then career to serving the needs of the children of Balrothery and its surrounds. Under Mrs. O'Connor's stewardship, she created an all-inclusive place of learning where all children are valued equally and all talents are encouraged and developed. She made a lasting impression on all who came into contact with her. Stephanie retired in 2006 and since then has been working as a Counsellor, taking time off every so often to travel to far off places while continuously helping in raising much needed funds for her special charity of choice in Varanasi, India. When Stephanie retired in 2006, the ethos of the school has been carried on throught the dedicated hard work of Mr. P.J. Keary. His keen interest in sport kept the great spirit of Balrothery alive. Mr Keary spent 37 years in total at the school and retired on the 15th of February 2012.

Over the years the school has grown from four rooms initially to five, then seven and now there are twelve classrooms, plus three resource rooms and a resource room for travelling children. There are more applications for admission than there is room to accommodate them. There are strong links with the community and great desire among past pupils to send their own children to the school even when they live quite a distance away.

The same high academic standard is upheld by a great team of teachers and excellence has also been achieved in sports - football, Basketball, athletics - and in quizzes and many varied Art activities. With the Village of Balrothery presently expanding and the school almost full to its capacity it is envisaged that a larger school will be necessary in a few years. It is to be hoped that this enlargement of the school and its surrounding areas will not annihilate the great spirit of co - operation and community and the positive attitude to life, which has always been a part of Balrothery and its inhabitants.

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