Written and Typed by Heather Delaney 6th Class.

Engineer's week took place from the 2nd to the 6th of February. In our class we decided to explore the art of designing paper airplanes through paper construction. We worked in small groups to design a basic paper airplane. As a class we went outside to fly the paper planes and record the distance travelled. The furthest distance the planes travelled was approximately 10 meters. We used trundle wheels and meter sticks to measure the distance of the planes. That night for homework Ms. Andrews assigned us the task of designing a good paper airplane with the aim of travelling the furthest distance. We used the internet to research the best paper airplane designs.  The next day our class went outside with our newly designed paper airplanes. We conducted three tests to see if we were successful with our improved designs. In comparison to our basic design, the furthest the best plane flew was 23meters, a big difference!

If given a piece of paper and asked to throw it as far as it can possibly go. What shape would you pick? Not many would throw the paper as a sheet, and some people would scrunch it up as a ball for it to fly. If done right, a paper plane will fly further than any other shapes. This is because it is aerodynamically the best shape to use. This means that the air affects the paper less than if it were a different shape. In other words if you were outside on a really windy day, the larger you make yourself, the more likely you’ll blow away. A bus or a truck will be more likely to be affected by the wind than a normal car. The shape of a plane is sleek so therefore there will be less resistance due to air and it will travel further. These principals are widespread in the engineering world, with aeronautical engineers specializing in this subject. Without these types of engineers, there wouldn’t be any helicopters or aeroplanes, and many skyscrapers would have collapsed due to wind.



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