PAPER HELICOPTERS by Mallory Butterly 3rd Class


What we need for the experiment:

Template, paper clips, scissors and paper helicopters

This is what you do!

  1. Cut out template and attach a paper clip.
  2. Fold back the wings.
  3. Hold two helicopters (big and small) at the same height and let them drop
  4. See which one hit the ground first.


The small helicopter hit the ground first because it has a  small area so there is less air resistance. The big helicopter hit the ground last because it has larger surface area for air resistance.

What we did next:We put paper clips on to the heavier helicopter to see if it made a difference. We estimated how many paper clips it would take to make the bigger helicopter fall at the same speed as the small helicopter. I guessed 5 and it took 7 which is a difference of 2 paper clips.


The shape of the blades and the weight are really important as they make it spin when dropped from a height.


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