Young Scientist Exhibition 2015

Yesterday, Thursday  January 8th ,we went to the RDS for the BT young scientist Exhibition .We arrived at 10.30am and it was very crowded.

5th and 6th got to go but  there was more 6th than 5th.  When we got in ,we formed groups of 4 or 5 and then we went around to view the 

science experiments. It was really cool. The next day in school, we all wrote up reports about the day in our hardback copies. We then all helped

to make a powerpoint presentation about the day. We all gave our suggestions and Clíona showed us how to make a powerpoint on the

computer. We then took turns presenting it infront of the class. 


BY Faith - Mr. Callghan's Class





Science Visitor

Teri Ryan came in to do some science with us during Science Week 2014. She wore her lab coat and

taught us all about chemical reactions! 

She made 'elephant's toothpaste' and mixed iodine and starch. 

Here are some pictures of her visit.  



Science Week 2014-2015

This years science exhibition was a blast! All the classes did a science experiment to present to other classes and parents at the exhibition. Two people from each class were picked to present their experiment. Here's what each class got up to:


Junior Infants- Dancing Raisins Experiment. 

Junior Infants had great fun making raisins dance. They started by putting raisins in still water and the raisins had no reaction and then they put the raisins in sparkling water and the raisins started to dance. This is because of the carbon dioxide in the sparkling water.

Senior Infants - Exploring Sound 

Senior Infants placed different materials in plastic tubs and covered them. Other classes shook them and had to guess what was inside using their hearing only! They learned that sound travels through vibrations. 


Junior and Senior Infants - Make Butter 

Junior and Senior Infants learned how to make butter, the old fashioned way! They put some double cream in containers and guessed how many shakes it would take to turn it into butter. Lots of them guessed 10 shakes but they were amazed when it took over 600!! They learned all about how a mixture is made up of two parts - a solid and a liquid! They got to eat their butter on yummy rich tea biscuits. We all got to try some at the science fair.


First Class - Materials and Change 

First class did 4 experiements for science week. 

Experiment 1: Making New Colours by mixing paint.

Experiment 2: Mixing water and salt.

Experiment 3: Mixing water and sugar.

Experiment 4: Mixing water and oil. 

Ms. McKiernan's class were suprised to find that water and oil did not mix together!


Second class - Floating and Sinking 

Second class changed the shape of marla to make it float in water. They learned that the weight, shape and size of something will depend on if it will float or not. 


First and Second Class - Static Electricity 

Ms. Burns' class explored static electricty. They had great fun charging balloons and making things stick to them. 



Third Class and Fourth Classes - Explore pushing and pulling using magnets and make their own paper helicopters. 



5th and 6th Classes cleaned dirty water and made some amazing triangles! 


Overall, the science fair was a great success. We loved presenting our work to other classes and to our parents. Thanks for reading our blog! 


Untill next time, Kaia and Lauren :-) 5th and 6th Class





Science Blog 2014-2015



Maths Week 11th-19th October 2014


All classes in the school got involved in hands on maths activities during maths week 2014. All classes went on a maths trail around the school grounds. Our class made up a trail and teamed up with junior and senior infants to complete it.  We showed them lots of maths in the local environment. 


By 5th and 6th Class






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