Engineers Week in Junior Infants

A couple of weeks ago for Engineers week 2014, Junior Infants did some experimenting! We put some pieces of apple in a cup of bread soda and salt. The bread soda and salt sucked all the juice out of the apple after a couple of days. We also put some eggs into jars of vinegar to see what would happen! The vinegar dissolved (ate!) the shell of the eggs – the eggs were really squidgy and we had fun touching them and cracking them open afterwards! 

IMAG1192    IMAG1189


IMAG1184     IMAG1185

Maths Week 2013

We did lots of nice maths activities in October.  We (Second class) designed a maths trail for Junior Infants and taught them lots about maths in the school yard.

Secret Lives of Bees January 2014

We learned all about bees as part of our work on Bio Diversity. We learned that bees are central to the pollination of all plants which is central to our food supply. We hope to take on board some of what we learned and create areas in our school environment that will encourage bees and insects into our gardens.

secret live This workshop was paid for by the Voluntary Contributions

Science Week 2013

Science Week 2013

Science week 2013 was great fun, packed with lots of cool and interesting science activities.

We showcased our work to our parents by holding a science exhibition on Friday 15th November 2013.


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